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Our current portfolio of the Luminaire range includes:

  • Menteth a professional motorised zoom spot
  • Fleance an entry level LED par with class leading technology
  • Emilia intelligent Plug and Play 6” Downlight
  • Bianca LED Intelligent Plug and Play 4” Downlight
  • Lodovicio an LED retrofit lamp with full theatrical grade dimming
  • Iago high intensity configurable house light system
  • Cassio high intensity configurable house light system
  • Gratiano high intensity configurable pendant house light system



  • Custom sizes
  • Flicker free dimming
  • Unique housing aesthetics
  • Approximately 50,000 hrs trouble free life
  • Consultant service for unique truly innovative lighting solutions


A full range of solutions are available, including:

General Lighting Theatre Line: Othello Range (RED)
3×2 House Light Square –Montano
3×1 House Light Rectangle –Cassio
3×1 Circular Pendant –Gratiano
Retrofit Bulb –Lodovico
Down Light Large –Emilia
Down Light Medium –Bianca
Down Light Small – Desdemonda

Stage Lighting Range: Olympus Range (BLUE)
Ilumo Mk2 –Dionysus
Mini Par –Tyche
Cyc – TBC
Small Fresnel – TBC
Large Fresnel – TBC
Small Profile – TBC
Large Profile – TBC

Architectural Range – Floods : Inca Gods (GREEN)
600×600 Tile –Illapa
Sexy High Bay (mini LEDs) –Inti
Standard High Bay (mini LEDs) –Apu
High Power High Bay – Viracocha (POST LDI)

Architectural Range – Downlights : Hindu Gods (POST LDI)
4” Anti-Glare White – Indra
6” Anti-Glare White – Brahma
2.5” Flat White – Agni
4” Flat White – Surya
6” Flat White – Shiva
6” Colour Mix – Vishnu (aka Emilia)
4” Colour Mix – Rama (aka Bianca)
2” Colour Mix – Kalki (aka Desdemonda)

Power Supply Modules: Egyptian Gods
Retrofit Bulb PSU – Atum
DownLight PSU – Heka